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Full Version: Rubix cubes are hard
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seriously everytime i get one side, i have to get another side and it completely fucks up the first side!

One day, rubix cube, i will unravel your mysteries and dominate you!
No they aren't.

Unless you're actually trying to solve it without using patterns. In which case, they're hard as fuck. It took Erno Rubik 3 months to solve it after he first scrambled it.
Sheep VII
In the beginning of the year, my roommate would actually carry a Rubik's cube around just to prove to everyone who would listen that he could solve one.
you don't do it side by do one side and then row by row
Can't every cube be solved in less than 19 moves or something?
my old math teacher taught us the algorithm for solving a rubix cube
unfortunately I detest math and I did not pay attention, nor would I have remembered it.

therefore I cannot solve one.
I've never solved one... today i looked up a video on how to-- it still looks complicated sad.gif
JP Penney
Watch these videos in this order, unless you don't want to, then don't.

Edit: This will not teach you how to solve a rubik's cube. It is just for lolz.
The Virgin Mary
At my high school, one of the math classes went over formulas to do it. At some point during the year, you'd see like 30 kids walking around with them. Then they stop being cool again for the next 11 months.

But yeah, a bunch of my friends can do it pretty easily because of that.
Hard to learn, easy to remember. Don't get me started on 4x4
i'd heard there were some formulas you can memorize to make it easily solvable... but that's sort of like looking up where the last key in the water temple is online... i mean, what's the point?
no man, it's ok to do that. there are so many goddamn combinations for that thing, it would take you probably a billion years to solve it with out the algorithms.
no way man, i can totally do it
as said once u know the algorithems its easy as pie. too bad i forgot. i mean, is there a skill any more useless than solving a rubiks cube?
i hear girls are into a guy who can solve one. confirm/deny melissa?
furry buzzy

I've never figured out the rubiks cube. One day I will. But its not like I'm actively trying. I don't own one.
Crow Evermore
Most of my friends can do those in under 30 seconds.
Do you have like three friends? Either that or you aren't lying about GAYFACE.
Crow Evermore
I'm not lying about Gayface. But Rubix cubes were a fad for no apparent reason a couple months ago and everybody I knew learned how to do it. It was weird. I was tempted to pick up a Rubix cube and try but realized I was too lazy to attempt it.

Either way I know quite a few people who can do it in under thirty seconds.
Sophomore year of high school I bought a rubix on a whim, solved it in a week (I devoted about an hour to it each night, with some random messing around in the day) with no assistance, then learned layer method and got down to about 20-25 seconds. I was learning corner method and pushing for 10 seconds, but around then the stickers started falling off. I was too lazy/cheap to either buy another or get new stickers. I did play with a 4 layer, which was really awkward, didn't get very far.

Pattern making is also fun, if you ever learn to solve but going for speed bores you.

I'm a fucking nerd.
i want to solve it without assistance first then i'll probably look up formulas. what i'd like to do someday is be able to solve it blind-folded. that'll probably never happen, but i guess it depends on how the formulas work? I dunno.
There are algorithms for solving that don't require inspection, they're usually just a bit longer.
Playacting Anarchist
In high school there was this kid that was insanely good at rubiks cubes.

Anyways, one time in english we had to do a partner presentation project, and this kid was by himself due to social awkwardness and an uneven number of people in class. Somehow a friend of mine and myself managed to talk the teacher into letting us help this kid for extra credit. And so we wrote a rap song about rubiks cubes that he performed in front of the entire class, as well as a camera.
The Virgin Mary
QUOTE (Playacting Anarchist @ Feb 22 2009, 02:32 AM) *
as well as a camera.

Go on...
QUOTE (sonofaresiii @ Feb 20 2009, 02:24 PM) *
i'd heard there were some formulas you can memorize to make it easily solvable... but that's sort of like looking up where the last key in the water temple is online... i mean, what's the point?

motherfuck. that fucking platform in the middle goes up and down witht he water. the key under that thing is the one i always forget about.
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