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Full Version: You gotta be shitting me
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me and carr have the same fucking birthday....

I'm dumbfounded...

Anyways, happy birthday carr.
I'm not going to say it to myself, because then I would be an asshole...

Sheep VII
i just got your avatar.
also, this could have gone under the happy birthday J Michael Carr thread
News flash: a lot of people have the same birthdays.

happeh birthday biggrin.gif <3
I think me and Voox have the same birthday.
Happy birthday!
Happy birthday!
me and who was it... someone that always overshadows me, has the same birthday.
oh, bamfer.
No one has the same birthday as me except some girl I went to summer camp with and Rune Glifberg. Actually, that second one's pretty cool. I rescind my bitching.
QUOTE (Sheep VII @ Feb 27 2009, 03:56 AM) *
i just got your avatar.
also, this could have gone under the happy birthday J Michael Carr thread

true, but I posted it not that long after Terry posted that thread. I tried to beat everyone to the punch, but failed..
i have the same birthday as this girl i worked with. even the same year, so we'll both be turning 21 in may. we decided we were going to throw a joint birthday party for the whole weekend... but then I quit and decided she was really fucking weird so i haven't talked to her since.
oh, and happy birthday
permanent fetus
QUOTE (sonofaresiii @ Feb 27 2009, 01:35 PM) *
oh, and by the way, happy birthday

Happy birthday man

Mines today too....happy 21st to me
nice, drink some captain for me.
I'll be drinking illegally tonight anyways though, so, I'll drink for you too.
QUOTE (a whole bunch of people in this thread @ Feb 27 2009) *
not many people share my birthday!

theres this bar in madison called the "the nitty gritty" where on your birthday, they give you a special birthday mug and you get to drink all the beer you want for free. its actually a pretty sweet idea for a bar, since everybody always has at least 3 or 4 friends with them on their birthday (hell, some people have as many as 10 or 20) that are all going to be buying beer at the regular really in the end, its like them saying "buy 3 or 4 beers at regular price...get one free!".

anyway, i went there on my 21st birthday and its almost ironic how this bar thats supposed to be "madison's birthday bar!" really strips you of that "my special day!" feeling...since there are 20 or 30 other people there celebrating their birthday with you.
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