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Full Version: Against Me! in Orlando at the Blackbox Collective
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band geek
March 5 - Against Me! at the Blackbox Collective.

Is this for real? Can any of you Orlando kids confirm or deny?
This is the first im hearing of it. Where did you discover this?
Against Me! have started playing a few smaller shows here and there. I saw them in South Carolina on Hilton Head Island in a bar with a tiny stage, playing to a group of about 60 kids some time back in I think October.

Definitely worth the hour drive there.
jamal bearings
Yeah, they're playing a show and there's opening bands and everything!

Also, there is a pretty legit flyer.

I have work though, oh well.

I'll see you there.
band geek
So how big is this place?

I'm driving down from Gainesville and I'm trying to figure out how early I would have to leave.
QUOTE (band geek @ Mar 4 2009, 10:23 AM) *
So how big is this place?

I'm driving down from Gainesville and I'm trying to figure out how early I would have to leave.

I've never been to the place. Some researching led me to this:

So, yeah, I'll be early.
Emilyn Brodsky is phenomenal too... She opened for Tom Gabel on his solo tour and was AWESOME. I should up her album.
the video I posted a couple days ago, about hardcore, those were taken at the black box

the picture someone found is of another warehouse on the property, but not of the black box, but its pretty much that
Against Me! actually pulled a pretty big crowd in dallas. Neat? When I saw Tom Gabel play the in store performance though there were like maybe 15 people there. It was an awkward show. He actually wrote in his blog about how he hated it.
did anyone go to this? it was pretty fucking sweet. every single song was pre-searching for a former clarity, except anna and three unknown songs they started with, they didn't intro them at all so i have no idea if they are gonna be on the new cd or what, but they sounded meh.

didn't like brodsky opening. she came off more pretentious than anything. "sometimes when i play i close my eyes and pray that when i open them you all will be gone." what the fuck?

i'm forgetting so many.

new song
new song
new song
pints of guiness
anna is a stool pidgeon
tonight we're gonna give it 35%
i still love you, julie
scream until you're coughing up blood
sink, florida, sink
cliche guevara
rice and bread
turn those clapping hands into angry balled fists
walking is still honest
baby, i'm an anarchist
I love Emilyn Brodsky. She's hilarious.
spoonboy is pretty awesome and a really cool guy too.

Thats a great set list, they played something similar to that at the black cat in dc a few months ago. they played new songs too but they did 5 in a row from axl and played disco too which was awesome. i still love seeing them live.
jamal bearings
The performance at HOH was nothing special.

There is video of this performance as well.
spoonboy is the shit
jamal bearings

My friend took this video, pretty sweet.
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