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I've been using a Chromebook almost exclusively for the last 2 months. Today, some Android apps were released. Anyone want to share any tips? I'll probably install Linux once I have an opportunity to back up my local drive. I've got the 14" HP model with the 16 GB SDD.

-Extensions being able to be pinned to the taskbar, such as Hangouts.
-A e-reader application from Google. The third party ones are wonky.
-Better wallpaper options. I don't think there is a center and fit option so vertical photos of a high resolution are always cut off at the top and bottom. There is a third party wallpaper app that fixes this but come on.

Favorite App:
-Google Keep - Simple and efficient note keeping that auto saves and is shared between my phone and my computer.

Literally my only issue with my Samsung chromebook is that when I hit the new tab button, it proceeds to open a sometimes unending stream of new tabs. After one update one time it would open 2, so that was an improvement. After the next update, it returned to form opening this stream of unending new tabs..
I'll list some of my favorite apps and chrome extensions in general.

Spelunky, for when you wanna play an awesome game.
Mosh, let's you use mosh! a really rad ssh alternative.
Pocket, updated read it later/instapaper syncs with android.
Chrome remote desktop, which i think is installed by default, is really great for troubleshooting my parent's computer problems without having to install a real client.

Vimium, dope ass extension that adds vim keyboard commands to chrome, making it so you can browse without a mouse.
Pushbullet so that I get alerts/texts/calls pushed from my android to my computer.
Tampermonkey, user scripts. It's name also teases me because there's no tamper data on chrome.

I do have Arch installed as a chroot which i basically switch over to do all my programming shit in. Also, if you're in developer mode, vim is totally installed so you can just run shell from crosh, then run vim.
The hell is an SSH alternative?

Never mind, I did some research and I guess its exactly what it sounds like. Are you actually using the mosh protocol for anything? seems pretty cooL and I might try using it for some home stuff, but I won't be using it extensively unless it starts finding its way into default Linux installations like ssh is.
On & On & On
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Weird, I just today started considering buying a chromebook because my macbook is on its way out. I'm not sure if it'll be the right move for me, but you really can't beat the price, especially if you can install linux. They're cheap enough that if I get one and it doesn't suit my needs, I won't feel too bad about just having an extra internet-browsing-machine laying around the apartment.
Really depends on your needs. If you're a console gamer, willing to use ChromeOS or keep up with Linux, and not looking for much other than word processing, text editors, and internet browsing, they're incredible. With that said, I cannot handle using Linux as a daily use OS. It's simply not a desktop environment yet; everything requires a work around.
lol at that "yet", like it'll ever be otherwise.

(from someone typing on a Linux desktop that they use daily)
I've had a Toshiba Chromebook 2 for 2 years and it's a great fucking computer, Crouton is great and it runs like a charm. I might buy one for my parents for their next computer.
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