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Full Version: Greetings!
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Since I don't see any introduction thread or board here so I hope introducing myself here is legit? So anyway...
Hi everyone! I'm Antonio, 23 years old. I've just had chance to listen to Streetlight Manifesto from my friend's party (it was Everything Goes Numb album if I remember right, to be honest we were quite "wild" at that time). Since then I'm quite interested in their music.
By the way I'm curious, I saw some thread said "this forum is dead"? Really?
this bot has potential.
Hi Antonio! It's great to have a new member of our community! Make sure to check out our super secret hidden forum with lots of old demos, rare boot legs and leaked tracks that never made it onto the albums!

Here's a link!:

Boner City
The hoops I had to jump through to gain access to that forum... and now you're just handing it out. I hate this place.
I too am a not bot fan of this Streetlight group.

As an infrequent lurker over a few years, I gave in after finding out that parties of a certain variety are required for Streetlamp fans. So... Sup.
i told you guys ska wasnt dead the younger millenials havent found it yet cuz we started hating it before they were old enough to understand it
The younger millennial and their gender fluids getting everywhere
I knew this 90s revival trend would bring ska back!
Let's party like it's '96 and bring the horn section back
I was wandering around in Destin last night and I passed some bar with a live band. They were playing Beer.
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