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Full Version: xXx HAPPY X-MAS xXx
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What did the fat ass bring you?
Man my girl sleighed it this year. Clothes and whatnot, coffe, coffee, coffee, shoes, and a muthafucking SNES Mini, to perfectly complement the NES mini from last year. I feel so spoiled this year.
Every year I tell santa I want a pony. And every year he doesn't bring one.
got a moviepass subscription.

didn't work.

apparently since they dropped to $10/mo they got massive amounts of subscriptions and can't handle it and the whole thing is plagued. i think it's working now though but haven't tried it yet and i guess support is like two months behind on answering any complaints.

anyway, had a really nice christmas, just the three of us. didn't get much, decided amongst ourselves and told family/friends to spend more money/thought on the kid, which ended up being funny because he loved the wrapping paper most. but he got a lot of fun stuff that i think he'll end up loving (and we'll get to love with him) even if he doesn't really know it yet.

oh i also got a daydream headset (so you can use VR with an android phone) and i'm pretty disappointed in the offering. I get that it's not "real" VR, like you can't walk around and you have to use a motion controller for everything, and I haven't purchased any apps yet (just free ones), but so far even the top app recommendations that i can find online are talking about how cool some app is for demonstrating what VR might be capable of. like, motion controls to play cute mini-games was novel with the wii, the vr experience doesn't add anything to it.

but maybe the paid apps will be cool.
i didn't want to take away from the christmas thread so i moved our moviepass posts to random thoughts
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