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Full Version: The Alcoholic Freshman is back
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Miles Ramsey of the Alcoholic Freshman is making a new EP.
QUOTE (sellout @ Feb 25 2018, 05:23 PM) *

Soo goooodd. I loved his old stuff.

Have you already donated? If not, I'd go halfsies on naming one of his songs "Miles Ramsey used to have a link to a christian doomsday cult in his email signature".
Lol, I'm donating $200 on pay day. I cleared it with my wife after explaining the importance. I do kinda love that this reformed Christian father is going back to do some grungy ska/punk thing.
I just cleared it with my wife and I'm spending the $100. I need to work out what I'd actually name the song, since the one above is throwing too much shade at a guy I appreciate.

Any ideas for yours? Also, if you're not on deployment, we're going to the reunion, right?
I didn't even realize there were pledge goals, but I guess I get to name two songs. Hmm, I don't know what to do with that sort of power. I'd like to maybe hear some demo's or at least see the lyrics first.
Link to his old stuff?
Last I heard he went on a quoted "scorched earth campaign" to remove all his music from the internet
E Fatto

Sick of Depending on People


E Fatto is more folky, Sick of Depending on People is basically Bomb/Atom and his Package.
So he's up to $750/1000. He's kinda hit this wall in the last few days so yeah, if you have any interest, throw down some cash so this doesn't get buried.
Hopefully this is a situation where, like, his mom will donate the last $200.
Yeah, or his wife. There's still like two weeks left so we'll see.
Fully backed.
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